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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leak In An Inground Pool?

Owning a swimming pool can add tremendous enjoyment to your backyard oasis, but it’s crucial to maintain it in top condition to ensure its functionality and prevent potential harm to your property. Even with diligent care and regular cleaning, leaks can occur, resulting in significant water wastage and property damage if left unattended. Whether you’re dealing with a torn vinyl liner, concrete cracks, or equipment failures, it is imperative to address these issues promptly. Due to the multitude of factors at play, the cost of repairing a pool leak can vary widely.

The average national cost for repairing a pool leak falls within the range of $500 to $1,500, with most homeowners spending around $1,000 to professionally detect and rectify a moderate crack in an in-ground concrete pool. On the lower end of the spectrum, a professional patch repair for a small hole in an above-ground pool may cost as little as $150, while on the higher end, a comprehensive replastering of an in-ground concrete pool could set you back $5,000.

cost to fix a leak in an inground pool

Cost of Swimming Pool Leak Repair

  • National Average Cost: $1,000
  • Average Price Range: $500-$1,500
  • Low-End Cost: $150
  • High-End Cost: $5,000

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Cost to Repair a Pool Leak Based on Pool Type

The type of pool you own, whether above-ground or in-ground, plays a significant role in determining the repair cost, which can range from $100 to $5,000. Typically, in-ground pools tend to be more expensive to repair due to the complexity of the issues involved. However, the specific problem and repair requirements also influence the overall cost. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of repair costs and related factors for both pool types. The initial cost estimates are the same because some repairs are applicable to all pool types. However, accessing and addressing certain issues in in-ground pools can be more challenging, resulting in higher prices. These prices are based on a residential pool measuring 18′ x 36′.

Pool Type

Leak Repair Cost


$100 – $1,000


$100 – $5,000

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In-Ground Pool Leak Repair

Repairing an in-ground pool leak can entail costs ranging from $100 to $5,000, contingent upon the nature and intricacy of the problem. Simple tasks like replacing small seals, gaskets, or beading can be accomplished swiftly and cost-effectively. Conversely, when more extensive work, such as replastering the pool’s surface or replacing the vinyl liner, is required, the repair expenses may reach the upper limit of this price range.

In-ground pool leak repairs tend to be pricier due to challenges related to accessibility and the use of higher-cost materials in the construction of the pool, which may necessitate repair or replacement.

Swimming Pool Leak Repair Costs Based on Location

The cost of repairing pool leaks varies between $75 and $2,750, contingent upon their specific locations. Different parts of the pool may develop leaks, each requiring distinct repair expenses. It’s essential to pinpoint the precise issue and its location to determine the associated cost. For instance, addressing leaks in easily accessible areas typically incurs lower costs than tackling those in hard-to-reach regions. Similarly, straightforward repairs tend to be more budget-friendly compared to intricate ones. The table and subsequent sections outline the various leak locations, their corresponding repair costs, and additional details for each.

Leak Location

Repair Cost


$75 – $300


$100 – $250


$100 – $2,750

Main Drain Line

$500 – $1,500


$500 – $1,500


$500 – $1,500

Pool Light Leak Repair

Repairing pool lights typically costs between $75 and $300 per light. Leaks in these lights can occur due to ill-fitting gaskets or gasket failure. In cases of severe corrosion, replacing the entire fixture becomes necessary, incurring a much higher expense than a repair. If your pool has multiple lights, the repair technician may also inspect the other lights to ensure no additional issues are present. To identify the problem, the light is removed and examined, which could reveal a faulty gasket, seal deterioration, or a leak around the light. A professional will replace the damaged component to prevent further leaks.

Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

For pool skimmer leak repair, anticipate costs ranging from $100 to $250. The specific price depends on the severity and location of the issue, as well as whether it necessitates repair or replacement. In some instances, repairs are viable and more cost-effective. Skimmers are susceptible to debris buildup, which can lead to clogs and damage. A common indicator of skimmer damage is a water level below the skimmer component. A professional can open the skimmer and apply material to patch the leak.

Pool Liner Repair

The cost of repairing a pool liner falls within the range of $100 to $2,750. Numerous factors can cause pool liners to develop leaks, with tears, punctures, or holes being the most common culprits. Such issues can arise from routine pool maintenance or regular use, leading to damage in the vinyl material. Typically, patching is the go-to method for addressing pool liner leaks, although replacement may be necessary for larger holes that cannot be patched effectively.

Pool Main Drain Leak Repair

Repairing the main drain of your pool is likely to cost between $500 and $1,500, unless a complete replacement is required. In some instances, leaks may not originate from the liner but rather from the plumbing system. Main drains can develop cracks, resulting in substantial leaks. These leaks typically occur above the frost line, with the depth of the crack influenced by the local climate’s warmth. Repairing the main drain necessitates draining the pool, breaking away concrete to access the damaged area, and replacing the pipe both above and below the leak. The complexity of the repair and the labor involved contribute to the overall cost.

Pool Pump Leak Repair

If your pool pump is leaking, repairs can range from $500 to $1,500. Equipment malfunction is a common cause of leaks in pool pumps. Given the numerous moving parts and the constant pressure and motion endured during water circulation, addressing pump issues can be expensive. It’s advisable to consult a specialist to determine whether repair or replacement is the best course of action when dealing with a leaking pump. In the case of a leak, the pump must be disassembled, and the faulty components replaced to restore its proper functioning.

Pool Pipe Leak Repair

Repairing underground pool pipes typically falls within the price range of $500 to $1,500. Pipes, especially older ones that have weathered multiple seasons, are susceptible to leaks. Weak or loosened seams, fractures, or breaks at pipe connections are common causes of pipe leaks. Immediate repair or replacement of leaking pipes is essential to prevent further complications. Professionals may need to excavate the ground to access the damaged pipe. The repair process involves exposing the broken section, cutting out damaged areas, and installing new pipe segments.

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Pool Leak Repair Cost

Investing in a swimming pool is a significant financial commitment. Even a small above-ground pool, if it develops a leak, can result in expenses amounting to thousands of dollars. The precise cost of swimming pool leak repair hinges on several factors, such as whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, the pool’s construction material, and other pertinent considerations. It’s imperative to promptly investigate any leaks or potential damage to minimize both the extent of damage and the eventual repair costs.

Identifying the location of the leak or tear and determining the most effective repair method is a critical step in this process. The duration of this procedure can vary depending on the complexity of locating the leak or crack. Generally, above-ground pools tend to be more straightforward to repair, contributing to their affordability in most cases.

cost to fix a leak in an inground pool

Here’s a breakdown of common swimming pool leak repair costs, encompassing all labor and materials:

  • Cracked plaster in a gunite pool (small leak): $65
  • Vinyl pool with a torn liner: $100-$500
  • Cracked fiberglass shell (small spider crack, beginning to spread): $300
  • Pump system leaks: $200-$500
  • Leak detection and inspection service: $300-$400

Total Cost Range: $365-$900

These figures offer a comprehensive view of the typical expenses associated with various swimming pool leak repairs, encompassing both the necessary materials and labor.

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The cost of repairing an in-ground pool leak can range from $100 to $5,000, depending on the nature and complexity of the issue. Simple repairs like replacing seals or gaskets may be more cost-effective, while tasks such as replastering the pool’s surface or replacing the vinyl liner can push the repair costs to the higher end of the spectrum. In-ground pool leak repairs often incur higher expenses due to limited accessibility and the use of premium materials in construction.

Generally, repairing an above-ground pool leak tends to be more affordable than repairing an in-ground pool. Above-ground pools are often easier to access and repair, which can result in lower repair costs. However, the specific repair requirements and the extent of damage can still influence the overall cost.

Several factors influence the cost of swimming pool leak repair, including the type of pool (above-ground or in-ground), the materials used in the pool’s construction, the location and extent of the leak, and the complexity of the repair needed. Additionally, the number of lights, skimmers, or other components requiring repair can impact the final cost.

To determine the precise cost of repairing a pool leak, it’s essential to identify the location and nature of the issue. The cost may vary depending on whether it’s a light leak, skimmer leak, liner leak, main drain leak, pump leak, or pipe leak. Consulting a professional for an inspection and assessment is the best way to get an accurate estimate.

Yes, additional factors such as your geographical location, the availability of pool repair specialists, and the local climate can also influence repair costs. Warmer climates may have deeper cracks in the main drain, for example, which can affect the complexity and cost of the repair.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost range for repairing common pool leaks, including all labor and materials:

  • Cracked plaster in a gunite pool (small leak): $65
  • Vinyl pool with a torn liner: $100-$500
  • Cracked fiberglass shell (small spider crack, beginning to spread): $300
  • Pump system leaks: $200-$500
  • Leak detection and inspection service: $300-$400

Total Cost Range: $365-$900

These figures provide an overview of the expected expenses for various swimming pool leak repairs, covering both materials and labor costs.


Owning a swimming pool can be a source of great enjoyment, turning your backyard into an oasis of relaxation and fun. However, with this pleasure comes the responsibility of maintaining your pool in top-notch condition. Even with regular care and cleaning, the specter of leaks looms, threatening both your water supply and your property. Whether it’s a tear in the vinyl liner, cracks in the concrete, or equipment malfunctions, addressing pool leaks promptly is paramount.

The cost of repairing a pool leak is subject to a wide range of factors, making it a variable expense. On average, homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $1,500, with $1,000 being the median cost for professionally detecting and repairing a moderate crack in an in-ground concrete pool. At the lower end of the scale, a quick fix for a small hole in an above-ground pool may set you back as little as $150. Conversely, the most extensive repairs, such as a complete replastering of an in-ground concrete pool, can soar to $5,000.

The type of pool you own, whether it’s above-ground or in-ground, plays a pivotal role in cost determination. While in-ground pools are generally pricier to repair due to their inherent complexities, the specific issue and repair requirements can also sway costs. Accessibility often poses a challenge with in-ground pools, pushing repair prices higher.

Moreover, the location of the leak within your pool’s components can significantly impact repair expenses. Leaks can manifest in various areas, from pool lights and skimmers to the liner, main drain line, pump, and pipes. Repair costs vary widely depending on the location and the nature of the issue.

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